14 Reasons To Buy A New Trade Show Display

At your last few trade shows have you felt a nagging feeling that something was not quite right in your booth? Then you realised it was the booth itself. While your booth was once acceptable, it´s just not doing its job anymore. But why?

Perhaps one or more of these 14 reasons will give voice to your growing frustration:

  1. Your current trade show display is worn out: An old exhibit held together with gaffer tape that is scarred with dents, scratches, kinks and stains doesn´t favourably represent your organisation and its reputation. A battered booth deters potential visitors, and might make your booth staff want to wear paper bags over their heads.
  2. You have new marketing messages: Whether it´s from a recent rebranding, a hot new product to launch, or a new vertical market you are entering, your trade show exhibit no longer matches how your corporate image is portrayed on your website or marketing collateral. In the name of integrated marketing, you´ve got some display collateral buying to do.
  3. You need a bigger trade show booth: You want to make a bigger impression and have a bigger footprint to harvest more opportunity. You need more room for meetings, demos, presentations, and storage. So you want to test out a wider inline or move to a larger island trade show exhibit, either renting the extra components to add to what you already own, or starting over completely.
  4. You need a smaller trade show display: Your budget is more limited than it once was, so you want to exhibit in smaller spaces to lower your operating costs. Or, you´ve decided to exhibit in more smaller shows instead of fewer larger shows, and need a smaller booth design that will still let you look like a leader.
  5. You need another trade show exhibit for international shows: Your company is reaching out to overseas markets to benefit from their larger share of global GDP and faster projected growth rates. Rather than ship your exhibit overseas and back, you want a dedicated trade exhibit stored “over there”.
  6. You are doing more shows than one display can handle: As you find more good shows to exhibit at, some are either scheduled at the same time as an established show in your schedule, or too close to allow time for shipping and set up. Consider two design levels of displays, to match different levels of trade shows. Also consider exhibit rental.
  7. You need a second portable trade show display for your dealers or field sales: Your field offices or dealers keep asking you to send out a display for their local events. It´s great they want to promote your company and products, and they are even willing to pay for the booth space and staff the booth. Give them a durable, easy to set up display with graphics consistent with your approved marketing messages.
  8. You are new to exhibiting and need your first trade show exhibit: You´ve started a new company and want to make a splash introducing yourself and your new product at a trade show. Or your company has been around a while, but you want to finally tap into the marketing power of trade shows to meet prospects face–to–face in a short amount of time. You may want to consider renting your display to start.
  9. You saw an exhibit you REALLY liked at a trade show: It was love at first sight. You loved its colour, lines and shape. You loved how it quickly grabbed your attention and invited you in for a closer look. Now you want to chuck your current dull exhibit in the bin because you now know what is truly possible.
  10. Your company was in a merger or acquisition: Your company has bought, been bought, or merged with another company. You may have both been exhibiting at the same shows, but now you need to exhibit together in one, presumably larger exhibit. Your new exhibit has the balancing act of reflecting the new position of this new, third company, created by the combination of the previous two.
  11. Your current trade show display no longer fits your needs: Over the last several years your exhibiting strategy has changed, and so have the activities you hold in your booth. Perhaps you are no longer giving presentations, even though your booth has space for that. Or you want to hold more private meetings, but your booth is wide open. For whatever reason, you need a new exhibit that works with you, not against you.
  12. Your current trade show exhibit is too hard to set up: You bought your last booth strictly for pizzazz, but the only sparks you get are from your staff every time they have to set it up. Or you bought a monumental traditional custom exhibit, but the 5–figure I&D bill every show has wreaked havoc on your budget. You now crave a booth that is easier and cheaper to set up.
  13. Your current trade show exhibit is too heavy: Your portable display is actually too heavy to carry, so you´d prefer a back wall made of three banner stands. Or, perhaps you have a traditional custom island exhibit and now you want to move to a custom modular exhibits that give a similar look but weighs 60% less and will significantly lower your carbon footprint.
  14. Your existing trade show exhibit isn´t flexible enough: You don´t always get the same–sized booth space, but your current exhibit really only fits well in one booth size. You´d rather be able to use just one inventory of exhibit components for multiple booth sizes, and be able to easily change the graphics for different divisions, vertical markets, or products.

If you´ve been able to defer purchasing a new trade show display for a long time and conserve your cash, good for you. But if multiple items on this list have hit home, perhaps it´s time to look into how a new exhibit can help you enhance your corporate image, assist you in achieving your marketing goals and lower your operating costs.

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