Are you developing your marketing plan for the 2011 calendar year? Here are 20 reasons you may want to include exhibition and trade show marketing into your plan:

  1. Accelerate your product into new markets 
  2. Achieve qualified leads for personal follow-up 
  3. Attract new sales representation 
  4. Supplement and strengthen your distribution chain 
  5. Change or improve the perception of your organisation 
  6. Communicate technical benefits /data / features 
  7. Comprehend customer problems 
  8. Facilitate customer contact at all levels 
  9. Coordinate post-show office visits with your prospects
  10. Demonstrate new products and features of old products
  11. Develop leads
  12. Discuss benefits with feedback from booth visitors
  13. Distribute product samples and promotional pieces
  14. Visually portray your message of features & benefits
  15. Enhance word of mouth
  16. Establish distribution networks
  17. Evaluate your competitors’ products and marketing
  18. Expand leads for joint ventures and licensing agreements
  19. Extend your reach to unknown prospects
  20. Generate more prospects for old and new markets 

Like the list?  Will you use it?  Think we missed something essential?  Share your comments.

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