2020 has certainly been a year like no other and, whilst we all may want to see out 2020 and see in 2021 as quickly as possible, it is vital to have a reflection on what we’ve learned and what we value as a company. 

From the bushfires, we’ve learned that our world is fragile and that we need to be kind to it.  The effects of global warming are now part of our daily lives and we need to do what we can to slow it down and eventually stop it.

From COVID 19, we’ve learned not to take things for granted and to value the small things.  We don’t think twice about visiting family or friends until we can’t.  We love to eat out and to share a drink, but we couldn’t for some time.  We love to travel, but that was stopped throughout much of the year, and we still have some time until we can travel the world again.

Even though it may still be some time until we can enjoy a true return to normal, I hope we can appreciate that, as we gather to celebrate the holidays, many across the globe cannot.  We are truly “The Lucky Country”.

This year has been one that challenged us all personally, professionally and as a community. The events industry was hit particularly hard, but we held our heads high and kept moving forward. Whilst we were lucky in Queensland to have a short lockdown and a faster easing of restrictions, the closing of borders meant that exhibitors could not travel interstate or internationally and exhibitions were either cancelled or postponed. 

Our primary objective at Skyline was to keep our team together. We used the downtime as an opportunity to focus on team building, professional development and forward planning. The team at Skyline adapted to the ‘new normal’ and helped our clients find new ways to engage with their target audience. In the absence of trade shows, we found growth in retail and portable displays.Skyline Team 2020

Above all, we are thankful for our health, our business remaining intact and Australia’s continued recovery to COVID-19. We are excited, as I’m sure you all are, to shift our focus to 2021 and the recovery of so many crucial industries, including events. There is an influx of exhibitions, trade shows and conferences scheduled for next year and with the state borders open, we expect these to be a huge success. 

From the Team at Skyline, we want to thank all of you for your support through this most extraordinary of years and we certainly look forward to working with you all again as we kick off 2021!

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