Are you planning to use giveaways in your trade show booth, what’s your strategy?  An effective promotional product, offer or promotion should reinforce your company’s image and message in addition to supporting your communication goals at the show.  With budgets tight, no one can afford to waste money on promotions that don’t fulfil objectives.  So before you order those coffee cups or pens a quick review of the desired results might be in order.

1. Do you have a new product or service and you want everyone in attendance to know about it?  Choose a promotional product you can give to visitors you come in contact with.

2. Is your market highly targeted?  Choose high-end giveaways for qualified prospects and a lesser giveaway for everyone else.

 3. Want to pull your primary prospects to your booth?  Try sending a giveaway or offer pre-show that has a second half or related item that’s obtainable at your booth.

4. Want prospects to buy on site?  Provide a special giveaway or offer for on-site orders with upgrades for the more they buy. 

5. How about lead cards?  Offer a special promotion for those visitors who fill them out or sit through a presentation or demonstration. 

Courtesy: The Corcoran Report

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