Don’t make the same mistakes over again!

Follow these 5 tips for trade show promotional giveaways to gain the best outcome!
These tips will give you key focus points to consider when selecting your promotional giveaways and activity.

1. Invest in your giveaways – You want to invest in quality giveaways as you don’t want your brand associated with cheap and nasty products that will break in 2 weeks! Give your audience something they will remember you for!

2. Place your promotional giveaways wisely – Avoid piling giveaways in your booth and place them further into your booth or out of sight to prevent swag grabbers. You want the interaction that promotional materials bring.

3. Ensure your message is a part of your giveaways – You want to be remembered for the right reasons. Find a giveaway that is appealing and that you can memorably hook into your marketing message or theme.

4. Keep your staff up-to-date – Ensure that your staff members are educated with any promotions that you may be running. For example, contest requirements, fulfillment expectations, or how to tie your giveaways into your marketing message.

5. Add value to your clients! – Have multiple levels of giveaways for different categories. Make your current clients feel valued with a higher level giveaway hidden from the public that is only for them!

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