Have you ever sat there and wondered why perfectly good prospects keep walking straight past  your exhibition? The answer may be right in front of you! The answer could have been right in front of you! It may have been one of these 6 reasons.

1.Your Booth Looked Boring

The attendee wasn’t interested in how your booth looked. Dull colours, too much text or small images could be a turnoff. Blending into the exhibition booths around you could also be an issue.

The Fix:
Ensure you have stand-out graphics, activities and enthusiastic booth staff to draw attendees into your booth.

2. Unclear Product

Your booth graphics didn’t quickly communicate what you sell – and why it would be worth buying from your company.

The Fix:
Make sure your display effectively describes what you sell or the service you provide. Make sure you keep the text short and sweet! Nobody likes a novel on a display!

3.No Brand Recognition

The customer didn’t recognise your company and as a result, didn’t know how you can help.

The Fix:
Promotion, promotion, promotion! Make sure you get involved in the show’s pre-event marketing. Use social media as a tool and ensure your display effectively explains what you do and how you could help new prospects!

4. Having The Wrong Booth Staff

Your booth staff didn’t appeal. They either looked unprofessional, uninterested or unmotivated or they didn’t attempt to engage with customers.

The Fix:
Make sure you have trained, approachable and knowledgeable staff on your booth for the best results. Don’t make the common mistake and send an unexperienced staff member as they may get easily flustered, seem pre-occupied or fail to engage with your audience.

5 .No Activity In Your Booth

You booth could look dull compared to other exhibitors who are having energetic conversations or have interactive elements in their display.

The Fix:
Increase activity by including energetic conversations, presentations, demos or branded attractions to draw the audience in. Competitions and custom giveaways can also make your stand seem more interactive.

6. Not Inviting Your Customers

45% of visitors are drawn to your booth as the direct result of a personal invitation or pre-show marketing strategy.

The Fix:
Invite your clients or prospects that would (or should) be attending the show. This can be as simple as an email or phone call or you could personalise and send it by post. Your social media channels should also be promoting the event pre- during and post-event.


Original Article from Skyline Exhibits written by Mike Thimmesch.

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