Need a versatile, lightweight and flexible display for any occasion? Whether it’s the highlight of the boardroom, reception area or taken to an event, you can be prepared with LightSpace.

The LightSpace display system is an exciting product featuring continuous edge-lit LED technology. The LightSpace display can be used separately or connected together for flexibility and a completely immersive graphic experience.

Versatility is at its core, with a variety of sizes, configurations and graphic options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a banner, a back wall or a complete booth display, LightSpace will launch you into any space.


See the LightSpace Display Solution being used in different spaces below: 

Example 1:  Skyline  Displays Australia 

A single unit of LightSpace was used for our display solution when we attended the Brisbane Pop-up event from Brisbane Marketing.  This is now used to give a bit of character to our board room!


Example 2: Kompan 

Kompan used 3 units to create an immersive graphic experience at their events.  Check out how LightSpace worked in two completely different booth styles!



Example 2: Microelectronic Technologies 

Microelectronic Technologies originally ordered 3 stand units of LightSpace for their internal showroom, but decided that the display was so good they wanted it for their reception area instead! See how the units can be used by themselves or to create a complete back wall.

Lightspace Microelectronic Technologies Pty Ltf

Lightspace Microelectronic Technologies Pty Ltf

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