Eye Power is an internationally recognised exhibitor education program. Skyline Displays Australia has proudly presented 187 Eye Power professional development events to upwards of 6,000 sales, marketing and public relations professionals since 2001.

Eye Power is fast-paced. In two and a half hours you will learn how to:

  • Set measurable, meaningful objectives
  • Achieve event focus with right-fit products and services
  • Optimise show and space selection
  • Develop a sustainable budget
  • Design your stand for maximum dynamics and functionality
  • Create effective pre-, at- and post-event promotions
  • Select and prepare your exhibit team
  • Effectively engage and qualify visitors
  • Generate quality leads, sales and results

Skyline’s Eye Power seminar will be presented free of charge in our Eagle Farm showroom on Wednesday, 23rd May 2018. To take your events to the next level, register today by visiting: www.skyline.com.au/eyepower.

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