Benefits of a Mid-Year Trade Show Reality Check

Doing a mid-year assessment of your trade show marketing program can pay big dividends.  Some of the benefits are:

1. You can determine which elements are getting the job done, and which ones need help.  For example, if you find that your trade show stand has not been pulling in the expected share of traffic from a show, it may be that you need to look at what is being used for pre-show and at-show promotions.  On the other hand, if your stand is bringing in plenty of visitors but the lead count is falling short, you may need to concentrate on staffing and presentation issues.

2. Assess how well your measurement systems are doing to deliver useful information.  If you are using measurements that are appropriate to your goals and objectives, the information in your show reports should be clear and easy to read.  If the information does not seem to apply to what you need for decision making then you may need to look at what information you are gathering and its relevance.

3. Apply performance related adjustments to the second half of the year to increase efficiency to your end of year outcome.  Take what has been learned from the first half and alter your game plan to do better.

4. Look ahead to next year’s budgeting issues, using the freshest data available.  It will give you a much stronger base to build your program for next year

Use the mid-year to adjust strategy, do some coaching and plan ahead for the remainder of the season.

Share your ideas and thoughts about the benefits of a mid-year Trade Show Reality Check.

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