Booth Staffing Tips: Take Trade Show Seriously

A trade show display or exhibition stand is a serious representation of your company’s brand, business philosophy, quality and heart. 

  • Put your best people in the booth.  This is not time to break in rookies.


  • Tell your staff about the event goals, the expectations and the ground rules.


  • Know who your key customers are in advance.  Be prepared to engage them.


  • Know who the hottest prospects are in advance.  Prepare your staff to handle questions and concerns and to be alert to opportunities.  Above all, teach them to listen to customers and prospects.


  • Even small displays can be classy expressions of your organisation.  Pay attention to detail, avoid clutter, and use graphics effectively (remembers exhibits are like billboards and need to read and understood easily and quickly) and realise when people stop, they want to talk to you.

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