Article Written By Bob Watson.

Tactics to Entice Crowd Engagement at Your Trade Show Display

While a custom trade show displays is critical in your trade show success, other key factors play just as big of a role. Other factors such as having a great venue location, polished and professional booth staff, and a cohesive marketing approach will help you stand out from the competition.

Maybe you feel like you already do these things, but your booth consistently gets overlooked by the passing crowd. Sound familiar? It may be time to refresh your live marketing event approach. Incorporating a few proven tactics within your booth can quickly deliver a little showroom buzz to ensure guests have ample reason to want to check out your exhibits.

Entertain the masses: Looking for ways to entertain the crowd that complements your existing strategy is a great way to pull attention away from the competition. Hiring well-known speakers and/or industry celebrities can quickly make your organisation one to watch throughout the show.

Create a relaxing getaway for passersby: Everyone knows that working a trade show can prove exhausting for managers and booth staffers. However, many business owners don’t realise that the function can be just as taxing on attendees. Create space within your booth that will allow attendees to relax and be a get away from the chaos of the show floor. Comfortable seating, free refreshments, snacks, and even playing soft music within the exhibit can help welcome in weary walkers and encourage them to learn more about your organisation.

Contests and drawings: Yes, there will be a lot of businesses that offer contests and drawings as in-booth activities. However, many of them will only showcase one specific winner. A surefire way to help your business stand out? Create contests and drawings where everyone wins. Rather than blindly handing out free stress balls to everyone who comes in, have guests leave their contact information for a guaranteed prize later during the function. Or, offer some sort of discount or special offer for your products or services, just for stopping by.

Don’t tell… show: Trade shows are meant to host live, interactive experiences. Attendees are there because they value the face-to-face marketing experience. Instead of telling prospects what you do or what you offer, demonstrate in a compelling way everything that your organisation offers. Delivering inviting, interactive components in your trade show booth is the best way to encourage attendees stop…and stay…inside your exhibit for maximum return on investment.

These are four simple ways that you can take the extra step to stand out at your trade show. Focus your efforts on the attendee and empathize with their needs, and you’re sure to have a successful show.

You can view this article and many more on the Skyline Displays Australia Blog.

About the Author: Bob Watson has been helping clients in the New York region dominate trade show marketing events for over 30 years. As President of Skyline New York, a leading trade show marketing resource known for customised exhibit innovations, Bob helps his partners use distinctive modular components to create New York trade show displays and complementing banner stands that captivate and compel crowds while effectively broadening brand exposure and reach.

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