We hope that you are staying healthy and at ease during these unprecedented times.  While events have been postponed or cancelled around the world, it’s important to keep moving forward. Here are a few of Skyline’s tips to help your company through the increased challenges the next few months present:

Make a plan:

While it is easy to be swept up in all the uncertainty and fears around COVID-19, it is important to make a plan of action of things you can control and stick with it.

  • Work on the company branding and messaging to ensure when events are back, that you make the impact you want.
  • Evaluate opportunities to connect with clients remotely.
  • Plan to ‘postpone’ events not ‘cancel’. Make a plan to re-organise your display requirements rather than cancelling and starting from scratch in a few months’ time.

Be Proactive and Organised:

Use this time to be proactive with your postponed shows, as well as your future event schedule.  Ensure that you have organised and locked in your display solutions ahead of time to prevent further stress.  Other ideas that you can complete during this time are:

  • Complete a stocktake of tradeshow tools and equipment you have and evaluate what you need (or want) to add for future events.
  • Give old displays a new lease on life by updating your graphics, especially if company branding or messaging has changed.
  • If you’re working from home currently, yet have to conduct professional video conference consider a portable display as a backdrop! Nobody wants to see your un-made bed or messy kitchen in the background!
  • Consider revamping your reception area, or board room with multi-use displays! These can be used to impress visitors and boost company moral, as well as used as portable displays for smaller events.


Communication is vital in this uncharted territory to establish priorities, boundaries and keeping informed. Continue to:

  • Have open and honest communication within your workplace and external contacts regarding the COVID-19 and how the current situation is affecting your company.
  • Discuss your options in relation to your event schedule and displays with providers
  • Keep up to date with postponed show dates and inform everyone required as soon as possible to ensure you are stress-free and prepared.

Don’t Panic and Stay Informed:

Keep calm and plan. While the sky might look like it is falling right now, this too shall pass.

  • Stay up to date with regular updates from the Department of Health, listen to their advice and adjust as necessary.
  • Maintain good Hygiene (Handwashing for 20 seconds minimum)
  • Practice Social Distancing

Be Prepared and Keep Moving Forward:

Above anything, the answer isn’t an easy one but we know the answer isn’t to “do nothing”.  Being passive opens the opportunity for your opposition to occupy territory you have previously been able to claim. Moving forward and creating a plan, allows you to be prepared for what the future presents. 

Get in touch with Skyline to discuss your options to keep your company moving forward! 

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