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With trade shows re-scheduling, exhibitors will need to figure out the best way to welcome attendees into their booths safely. Since many attendees will likely feel the safest in uncrowded areas, it’s important for trade show marketers to ensure that their booth offers a spacious floor plan. While purchasing a larger booth space may be the obvious solution, not every business will be able to make this type of upgrade due to budget or limited options at certain venues.  To create more space in your booth and keep your booth feeling open, spacious, and uncluttered, here are two exhibit elements to consider implementing at your next trade show.


You want a big branding presence, but you also want to leave lots of space for your guests to roam about and feel comfortable doing so. Towers can be the perfect compromise as you build your presence upward, rather than expanding your graphic elements across your booth space. Expanding your graphic elements can take up precious sitting and standing area. With graphics that stand tall, you’ll be able to convey your brand, who you are, and what you offer. You won’t have to worry about cutting back on graphics and messaging in your booth to make more room for attendees because towers will allow you to convey these messages!

Advantages of Modular Options

Towers are a modular option that can be implemented into your existing exhibit. Modular components are also very lightweight making transportation, drayage, and storage costs much lower than custom systems. This means that this addition to your exhibiting plan will be very cost-effective and give you more bang for your buck!

Product Benefits

Adding towers to your booth can make your exhibit stand tall and also shine bright, making it stand out even more on the show floor. With big graphics and backlighting, available through the Skyline PictureCube Display System, your exhibit will attract attention from across the trade show floor. With this powerful presence, you’ll be able to attract attendees and have the space needed to engage with them in your booth.

A Great Option Moving Forward As Trade Shows Reopen

Keep towers in mind when planning for your next trade show! Whether you’re in the market for entirely new exhibit properties, you’re upgrading your booth size and need some added modular components that don’t take up too much space, or you want to implement more graphics into your current exhibit structure. Towers may be the perfect solution to create a big presence while keeping your floor space as open as possible!

Hanging Structures

If you feel that it may be difficult to implement towers in your current exhibit, (or you’re going for an exhibit with very minimal structures to leave as much room as possible for attendees), another option that may better suit is hanging structures.

A Lightweight, Backlit Hanging Structure To Make You Stand Out

Similar to PictureCube towers (mentioned above), Skyline also creates PictureCube Hanging Structures. These structures have a nearly invisible frame, which is ideal for beautiful and strong backlighting, resulting in a glowing, hard-to-miss presence.

A Great Way To Include Graphics With Zero Floor Space Compromised

If you’re avoiding floor graphics because you’re worried about not having enough space to accommodate all your interested attendees, don’t cut out graphics altogether! Graphics are one of the most important aspects of your booth space. Graphics tell the story of your brand and are a large attention grabber for qualified buyers. Instead of eliminating graphics, consider a hanging structure that stands above your booth, and takes up zero floor space.

These hanging structures are not only an impressive standout component on the trade show floor, but they’re also extremely lightweight. This means you can hang larger structures for a bigger presence. Just be sure to do your research on the specific show(s) you are planning on utilising your overhead sign for, as every venue follows their own guidelines on the ability to rig structures.

As we all aim to rekindle strong business relationships in a face-to-face manner, we also hope to do it as safely as possible while keeping success in mind. Allowing as many potential buyers safely into your booth space as possible is a key to finding success at your upcoming trade shows. Don’t let minimal space be a hindrance to your success – consider hanging structures and towers to open up your floor plan, allow guests to feel safe, and create as many connections as possible.


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