Your exhibition display is more than a three-dimensional ad.  It’s actually a temporary workspace, filled with booth staff who can be at a show for hours or days.  Increase productivity by giving you staff enough space to work in and by designing around their needs.  Most display stands are designed around 7 major functions: 

1.      Brand Messaging

Your exhibition display architecture is often just a carrier for graphics.  Graphics get visitors’ attention, create a mood or personality, communicate a message and benefit, and identify products and services.

2.      Reception / Lead Gathering

Your booth staff will need a place to write and record leads.  Larger stand may have a dedicated reception counter.

3.      Storage

You’ve got a lot of stuff to hide inside tables and closets: Literature, giveaways, booth staff belongings.  Best of all: a place to store all those leads you’re taking. 

4.      Product Demonstration

People come to get their hands on your products or to see your staff demonstrate them.  You may demo a physical product on a table, counter or in a space set aside for this purpose.  Or demonstrate a software or system via a computer on a kiosk or table. 

5.      Product Display

Big or little, you can display products on kiosks, pedestals, tables, shelving, and merchandising accessories.  Consider bringing only your biggest sellers or your key new products, and relying more on graphics.

6.      Meeting / Conferencing

Do you exhibit at shows to get lots of one-on-one time with key customers, dealers and partners?  Depending on the type of discussions you have at-show, you may have open, semi-private, or private conference space requirements. 

7.      Live Presentations

You may need seating, a raised platform for presenters, and audio visual technology, such as a plasma screen.  Your presentation requirements may range from intimate seating for two to theatre seating for dozens or more.

Have you got more ideas on how best to design your display stand for functionality. Please share your comments below.

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