Thinking of exhibiting overseas so you can tap into some of the largest markets and trade shows in the world?

Some show venues in the USA, Europe and Asia are many, many times larger than anything we have here in Australia.  For example, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas attracts 3,100 exhibitors and more than 153,000 visitors each year. These types of shows present massive opportunities for exhibitors, but can also create massive headaches.  

Ken Cunz, Skyline Displays Australia’s General Manager and our resident international exhibiting specialist offers these words of advice to those considering the world of international exhibiting:

Plan well in advance – Many form deadlines are 4-6 weeks out from the event and you will need to have appointed your stand builder and received their Certificates of Insurance before you submit these forms.  Failure to meet these early deadlines can totally derail your show planning.  Work with a company like Skyline to help fill out the myriad of forms you’ll need to cut through to even attend the event.

Be Culturally Sensitive – There are many customs, rules, etc. that may make little sense to us, but are very important in the country you plan on visiting.  These can be as subtle as the choice of colours on your display, the copy in your graphics or literature, the giveaways you supply and the way you and your staff should behave and dress.  Consult with your local Chamber of Commerce and the Australian Consulate in the Country you plan on exhibiting in.

Expect Strict Labour Practices – Many international exhibition markets have very strict guidelines governing who can do what.  Labour is very often confined to specific unions (Local branches) and certain types of activities.  In many cases clients cannot erect their own stand or are limited only to work which they can do within a 30 minute time frame.

Expect Over-regulation – In many shows, don’t even think about doing anything yourself.  You’ll need electricians to put a single light on a portable display or plug in a laptop or a monitor.

Expect Cost – Labour rates in some cities can climb to well over $200 per hour and rental rates for items such as Furniture, Carpet, AV and IT are often many times greater than they are here in Australia.

Watch Out for Materials Handling – This is the cost to get your booth to your stand from the back of the truck, store your empty cases during the show, then place your goods on your carrier after the event. In some shows, these costs can be well over $150 per 45Kgs. (billed on a 90Kgs minimum).  That’s probably $300 for a simple portable display, but what if you ship a custom stand weighing thousands of Kgs?

Shipping Woes Internationally or domestically, shipping problems can be catastrophic. Hold-ups in customs, strike action or a lack of appreciation of sipping lead times can all result in your stand, demonstration product or marketing collateral missing your show.

Care Factor “Zero” – So, you’ve invested thousands upon thousands into your overseas show, but you get there and there’s a problem <Insert Problem Here>.

Whether it is freight which hasn’t arrived, installers who haven’t shown up, graphics that haven’t translated properly or any number of other issues you may face, don’t assume that anyone on the show floor cares the slightest about what you have at stake (because you may just be one out of 3,100 exhibitors at the show!). They don’t!

Simply put, you cannot take anything for granted. Check and double-check everything and make sure you have someone who knows the industry covering your back.

So where to from here? Consider making international exhibiting easy with the Skyline Global Network.

Work with the Skyline Team locally here in Australia and we will work with the global network of Skyline offices and service canters to ensure your project goes smoothly.  Skyline will have your back so you never experience Care Factor Zero on the Show Floor.

Skyline have Service Centre’s with display inventory, graphic production capabilities and union labour in Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, Guadalajara, Toronto, Shanghai and soon in Germany. We also have a network of 135 Skyline partner offices across 35 countries that we can also access to serve all your needs locally.

Take the headaches and hassle out of international exhibiting Contact Skyline Today.

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