The job of a trade show display is to gain exposure, build credibility and find new prospects.  Use your display system to provide a quick glimpse of what your company has to offer.  A trade show display or exhibition stand is a serious representation of your company’s brands and business philosophy.  Below are some tips to remember: 

  • Your company’s design should be objective-driven and capture the attention of your target customer group.
  • Simplify your message.
  • Enhance your image or brand.
  • Promotional items should be given not taken.
  • Staff your booth with a group who has the experience and ability to satisfy the needs of your company’s target customer group.
  • Create an atmosphere to assist in lead generation. Limited space does not mean limited selling potential.
  • Record leads. Hand-written leads tend to have the most potential.

Even small displays can be classy expressions of your organisation. Pay attention to detail, avoid clutter, use graphics effectively (remember trade show displays are like billboards and need to be read and understood easily and quickly) and realise when people stop, they want to talk to you. 

Like these tips?  Will you use them?  Think we missed something essential?  Please share your comments.

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