Article Written By Scott Price.

Modular displays are some of the most versatile trade show displays around. Because they can be connected to form many different configurations, it’s not uncommon for a business to use a single display for many different events. However, if you’re a business that’s looking for modular displays, use these do’s and don’ts to make sure that you’re designing one right the first time.

Modular Displays Don’t: Overdoing It With Graphics

Many companies think that in order to be effective, they need to throw every bit of information about their company on the display. However, this is absolutely the worst thing you can do. Overdoing the graphics on your banner stand or display graphic panels means that visitors will have to stare at the exhibit for a few minutes before they fully grasp what your display is trying to convey.

This is especially true with text. If your display has large blocks of text, your visitors’ eyes will likely glaze over before they even read a single word. Use bullet points when possible and use contrasting colours and fonts to make certain words stand out even more.

Trade Show Display Do: Making Your Exhibit 3D

One of the best things about these displays is that the pieces fit together in different configurations so that you can actually create multiple displays. No matter what configuration you’re using consider adding lighting, podiums, literature racks and other three-dimensional display elements to create visual interest that will keep guests at your booth.

Trade Show Booths Don’t: Forget Flooring

Flooring might seem like a very insignificant part of your trade show exhibit, however if you’re standing on it all day long, you might wish that you had paid a bit more attention to it. Flooring does more than just bring together the elements of your booth together — it helps provide a cushion to protect your feet and your back.

Modular Displays Do: Include A Private Meeting Area

If it’s possible, try to include a small meeting area within your display space. Doing this will help you take a few minutes to meet privately with clients, as well as learn more about potential customers away from the prying eyes of competitors.

Modular Displays Don’t: Bring In Every Possible Product Sample

If you don’t exhibit often, you’re probably tempted to bring in every product sample you have. However, this can be overwhelming to both customers and potential clients who are learning more about your business. For instance, if your products are available in multiple colours, there’s no reason to have full samples of each possible colour combination. Instead, have one sample and then bring along a swatch book or colour wheel to show off the possibilities that are available to customers. One other benefit of bringing fewer products? You won’t have to haul it all to the event or pay to have it shipped, which can save you a lot of money and hassle.

These are just a few of the do’s and don’ts of trade show exhibits and particularly modular displays. If you’re interested in designing your own, make sure to work with a company that’s experienced in creating one from scratch. They’ll be able to learn more about the events you attend and tailor a display that works for your business.

About the Author: Scott Price is the President of Skyline New Jersey and works with clients to design unique trade show booths made by Skyline. He believes that successful trade show booths in New Jersey are innovative and interactive.

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