Promotions That Drive Better Booth Staffing


Perhaps you have been justifying your pre-show promotions because they help bring in more people to your booth.  They do that and more.  A good pre-show promotion, when tied to an in-booth giveaway can also improve the performance of your booth staff.  Here’s how:


·        Your staff will have an easier time developing rapport and qualifying attendees.  By building on the good feelings the attendee has after receiving a nice gift for coming to your booth.


·        If you’ve picked a giveaway that ties in well with your company’s marketing message, your staff will have an easier time remembering to promote your competitive advantage.  For example, if your message is focused on flexibility and you offer to visitors Swiss Army knives, your staffers will have a visual reminder to promote your versatility message. (Note: since 9/11, Swiss Army knives don’t make good giveaways – not everyone will pack them in checked baggage.)


·        Your staffers get a great engaging line: “Did you receive our pre-show promotion?”  People who remember receiving it will slow down, and be more approachable. (I’ve had people actually reach inside their show bag and pull it out!).  For the people who did not remember receiving it, your staff can then show the invitation and repeat the same offer verbally for the at-show giveaway.


·        And perhaps most of all, your staff don’t have to go outside their comfort zone as much in pulling in people out of the aisle. They will have a portion of the audience come in on their own asking for the at-show giveaway.  That relieves them of some of the stress of talking to strangers all day and can add some fun too. And, they’ll be more likely to volunteer for booth duty next time!


If you have any comments about this article or have more reasons why promotions drive better booth staff performance please share your ideas.

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