We often offer our clients and prospects incentives to visit our exhibit at a trade show but why not offer our booth staff incentives to make that extra effort.  The Centre for Exhibit Research does state that 90% of the positive feelings a visitor experiences at an event comes from the staff!

Here are seven incentive ideas for your staff:

Make someone King or Queen for a Day

Determine which staff member brought in the most qualified leads (or whatever measure of success you set) during the show.  The winner become king or queen for the day, and their manager becomes their servant for a day.

Bait ‘em with Bugs

First, set some high but realistic objectives for the show.  Then dangle the carrot i.e. Moreton Bay Bugs.  If staff members meet the set goals, each one receives two fresh  Moreton Bay Bugs delivered to their house after the show.  This encourages team work and creates positive peer pressure, this unique reward will create stories that last a lifetime!

Reward quality

Award $100 to the person who gathers the highest number of highly-detailed lead forms.  This motivates staff and encourages them to engage in more in-depth conversations.

Treat their Feet

At the end of the show’s first day, have a foot-pampering kit waiting in each booth staffers hotel room.

Honour lessons learnt

Offer a $20 gift certificate to anyone caught using the skills or information outlined in your pre-show training.

Offer a “Million Dollar Customer” Award

Identify an easy-going customer who’s attending the show.  Ask her to visit your exhibit and talk with all the booth staff.  After the show, the customer identifies the staff member that treated him/her like a “Million Dollar Customer”.  Reward the staff member with an appropriate gift.

 Pit Shift against Shift

Create a lead or sales competition between the different booth staff shifts.  This will take pressure off the exhibit manager to keep the staff motivated.  Create a tempting reward and the booth staff will keep each other motivated.

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