Article written by Scott Price.

Choosing to exhibit at the right events is a large contributor to your ROI and success.  The right events will have the target market you’re looking for and can also help you see the competition that you face in your industry.

Many website (venues, local convention bureaus, event associations and Skyline) will offer lists of the top shows, organised by location as well as by industry. Check out upcoming events on the Skyline Blog or subscribe to Sky News.

Don’t rule out exhibiting locally, and don’t rule out traveling as an option either. Keep your options open so that you can find the right show for your objectives and your budget.

Consider the following tips when choosing your next exhibiting event:


Exhibiting isn’t cheap, so it’s important to understand what you can afford and what you need to be able to afford to make the event worthwhile and meet your goals. Budgeting for a show entails multiple facets, so plan ahead and understand what you need for marketing, promotions, staffing, giveaways, event fees, and of course, your exhibition stand.

Know Your Audience

Understanding what motivates your consumer demographic plays a major role in all of your marketing initiatives and success. The same holds true for your exhibition stands. Many companies assume that their targeted audience will only attend functions specific to their industry; however, this is simply not true. Consider various local events; these events can get you in front of the right crowd without all of the competition found at an industry-specific function if you’re looking to start with the intention of more exposure.

Walk a Show as an Attendee

Perhaps the best way to determine if an event makes sense for your organisation is to participate as an attendee. The cost of an entrance ticket to an event is a fraction of the cost associated with becoming an exhibitor. You will have the chance to walk the room and see firsthand every opportunity offered at a specific function to decide with certainty if it’s worthy of your business in future years.

These are not all of the factors it takes to know which show is right for your exhibiting efforts, but take these tips as a starting point. Communicate openly with your sales and marketing teams to collaborate on objectives, needs, and other factors that drive your exhibiting endeavours. You’ll find the right shows for you.

Contact Skyline Displays Australia to discuss how we can help to you make the most of your event marketing.

About the Author: Scott Price is the President of Skyline New Jersey and works with clients to design unique trade show booths made by Skyline. He believes that successful trade show booths in New Jersey are innovative and interactive.

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