Trade shows are one of the quickest ways to generate new business.  However, they require an investment in several areas, the most obvious being your display stand purchase.

Some companies only attend a few shows annually, so their display is only on show for a few days each year.  When not at a trade show, the display lives inside dark cases or crates for the rest of the year.  This results in a high cost of ownership because graphics & messaging aren’t in use when they’re packed away.

Why not try to use your display more often to stretch those dollars and create a bigger impact.

1.   Recruiting

Just like a trade show, there is a lot of competition at a recruiting event for the next generation of workers.  Do you want to find the best of the best?  Or, settle for the rest?  Update your trade show graphics to grab attention of potential employees at recruitment orientated events.

2.   Speaking events

Many executives and company experts receive speaking opportunities throughout the year.  Go the extra mile by setting up your display in the hallway or entrance and bring along a sales representative to engage with attendees and answer questions before & after the event.

3.   Showroom

For manufacturers and companies that sell a tangible item, a trade show is often a “mobile showroom.”  When the show is over, bring the exhibit home and setup in your showroom.  The graphics will help to supplement the information that your sales reps provides to prospects.

4.   Lobby / Reception

Trade show booth spaces are also “mobile office spaces.”  Why not use your display 365 days a year by setting up in your lobby or reception area?  This adds to the welcoming experience for visitors and lowers the cost of decorating your lobby or reception space.

5.   Open house

Many companies host an open house once or several times a year.  This presents an opportunity to showcase new products or services.  If you have a lot of visitors, it might be difficult to spend one-on-one time with every prospect.  Why not use your display to help present messages to those visitors that have not been greeted by employees.

6.   Sponsorships

There are a lot of fundraisers, networking & conferences and events throughout the year that your staff may attend.  If you are involved with these events consider asking if you can setup your display at the event.

There are certainly more ways to use your display stand outside a trade show!  Let us know how you’ve leveraged your display outside of trade shows in the comments box below.

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