Article written by Ken Buckman

Staying on point with your trade show display can mean simply staying on trend. Your face-to-face time with the event crowd is too precious to squander with an out-of-date and out-of-touch display stand. Knowing what’s hot, and what’s not, can give your booth a competitive edge over other exhibitors and showcase your organisation as an in-the-know innovator.

When designing your booth, consider some of these trends:

Phone Charging Stations

Seems like a simple enough feature, right? However, this small touch can make a major impact on the crowd that stops in to see what your business has to offer. Not only do these station outlets help you solve a potential problem for your visitors, it also means that you may gain some extra face time with them while they wait for their battery to charge.

LED Lighting

Do you have a new product to unveil or are you offering various product samples? Don’t just tell the crowd what you have to offer, show them! Use LEDs to shine a light directly on your featured products so attendees can’t miss them.

Touch Screens

Tablets and monitors in your trade show booth are a great feature for both visitors and staffers. Touch screen technology adds an even more polished vibe to any trade show display. Touch screens give you the opportunity to host a more interactive booth. Use touch screens for galleries, website navigation, interactive apps or games, or interactive presentations. Visitors will appreciate the opportunity to ask questions while interacting with examples.

Lead Gathering Software

Successful lead gathering must not only work for the attendee, but also for the employee responsible for submitting accurate and complete information. Lead generation software makes it easy for both visitors and your staff to input data and quickly record information. Lead generation software is available as apps on your smart phone or tablet, and oftentimes the show you are exhibiting at will have a lead generation program for you to use as well. Always check with your show in advance to make sure. Electronic lead gathering will also drastically improve the ease of lead follow up after the show is over.

Diverse Exhibit Materials

The look of trade show displays has evolved over time. You now have the option to incorporate numerous fabrics, styles, textures, and materials into one display. Mix and match various colours, fabrics, and textures to give your exhibit a unique and memorable look that will leave a long-lasting impact with all of your visiting guests. Always remember though that just because something is trendy, it doesn’t mean you have to have it. Always tie your design into your brand.

Visitor Lounge

The best way to encourage the longest possible face-to-face engagements with your guests is to make them as comfortable as possible while visiting your exhibit. Setup a seating section where visitors can sit, use their laptops, and even enjoy offered snacks to give your team the opportunity for a lengthy dialogue.

Now that you are aware of some top exhibiting trends, consider which options you may be able to implement for a greater trade show impact and visitor experience.

About the Author:

Ken “Bucky” Buckman is a 20-year veteran of the trade show industry and the CEO / co-founder of Skyline Tradetec. Skyline Tradetec is a well-known industry leader specialising in custom modular, hybrid, portable and custom exhibits and graphics as well as full online-driven services and program management in Chicago, U.S.A.

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