2019 marks the 35th year of Skyline Displays Australia and the work anniversary of our Founder and Managing Director, Ken Cunz. Here’s a little insight into the history of Skyline and how the international enterprise found it’s roots in Australia.

Originally from Pasadena, California, Ken was exposed to Skyline when he was about to graduate from Stanford University (where he played college football).

Skyline was still a very new company in 1983, but what an exciting time it was! They had a “tiger by the tail” and were working as quickly as they could to add salespeople and fill territories. But Ken didn’t accept a role with Skyline at that time. Instead, he graduated, went on a rugby tour to Australia (where he met his future wife) and returned to a job with another firm in Southern California.

Eight months later he was sponsored out to Australia to play rugby (which he still plays today) and that’s when he approached Skyline founder, Gordon Savoie. Ken spent a day training in Southern California with Ken Wolf (Skyline Orange County) and then packed up a SHoTel display and made his way to Brisbane, Australia!

Skyline Displays Australia was Skyline’s first dealer outside of North America and they have continually ranked amongst the top 3-4 international dealers (excluding Canada) over most of those 35 years.

Ken and his team love what they do, love their clients and thrive on the passion and creativity this industry demands. It’s good to be Skyline!

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