The Skyline team believes the success of every organisation is anchored in the way it builds relationships on a face-to-face level.

Here are just a few of the clients we have assisted recently with display and graphic solutions to help them build relationships at their events:


Client: New York Slice

Display Solution: 2.4 metre Mirage with Backlit Marquee Header, Shelves and Detachable Graphics and a Stratus Table Display.

New York Slice Mirage

Client: QSuper

Display Solution: WindScape Graphic Cover Reskin

QSuper WindScape

QSuper WindScape 2 QSuper WindScape 3

Client: News Limited

Display Solution: Low Level Mirage, Stratus Table Display and Banner Stands for Shopping Centre Promotions

News Limited Shopping Centre Display

Client: Pitcher Partners

Event: APP2015 – Pharmacy Guild Annual National Conference

Event Venue: Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre

Display Space: 3×3 Metre Inline

Display Solution: Fabric Graphic Panels and Skyline Show Services including display build and booth styling.

Pitcher Partners Conference Booth

To find out how Skyline can tailor a display and graphic solution to help you build relationships on a face-to-face level in 2015, contact the Skyline Sales & Marketing team on 1800 077 419 or email us.

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