At Skyline, we have a team with many talents that work day in and day out to ensure your display requirements are met.

During this quieter time, we’re discovering some hidden talents amongst the team.

Check out our newest team member, Alessandro singing ‘Va’ Pensiero’ in support of his home country, Italy.

The song expresses hope for the Italian people to be reunited soon.

Va’ Pensiero is a Choir Piece from the Opera “Nabucco” composed by Giuseppe Verdi in 1842.

The first sentence (Fly, my Thoughts, on golden wings) is so famous that is embedded in the memory of every Italian.





Alessandro adapted the lyrics to include English which you can find below.

Alessandro’s Lyrics

Va’ pensiero sull’ali dorate
Cross the mountains and fly over the oceans
Reach the land, find the place where all children go
Every night after listening to this lullaby

There you’ll find their heroes alive, protecting their innocence
Bless them all
‘Cause their simple soul is so pure and wonderful

Va’ pensiero sull’ali dorate
Let this beautiful dream carry on for all night long

Arpa d’or dei fatidici vati,
perché muta dal salice pendi?

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