It is safe to say that Skyline Displays Australia is an interesting place to work. No day is the same, each client has different needs and each employee brings a special set of skills. This is what makes Skyline unique.

Our Operations Manager Jon has been working with and involved in Skyline for most of his life. From bumping out displays from nightclubs at 3am in the morning to 40 hour builds he has seen it all.

Jon shared with us his tips on making sure an event goes smoothly and his favourite project he has worked on so far.

Q: What has kept you working in displays for so long?
A: The challenge – as someone who aims for perfection, I thoroughly enjoy “making things”. The tradeshow industry will always throw curveballs your way and I love the chance to exercise my problem solving skills on a daily basis.
Q: What does a typical day for you involve at Skyline?
A: There definitely isn’t any such thing as a typical day at Skyline, but I always start with a ‘to do list’ of everything I can possibly think of that needs doing. I find that, regardless of what day it is, this increases my productivity.
My days generally always start with ensuring the team is on the same page for the day and that our action plan is sound for accomplishing everything we need to. Afterwards I’ll always ensure that all time critical tasks are met and that our clients’ needs are on track.
From here it’s often anyone’s guess as I’ll usually do a little bit of Booth Design, Production and Service work, I like the flexibility here as each of these areas all allow me to exercise different skill sets.
There is also a range of management activities that I undertake but no one wants to hear about these (haha).
Q: What is your favourite part of your role at Skyline?
A: There are really two parts of my role that I enjoy most – the first would be that feeling when you deliver a finished booth to a client for the first time. As I often play a part in everything from the initial brief to the finished product, their positive reaction to their booth is extremely rewarding.
Secondly, the team, I think our director’s biggest asset has always been to encourage Skyline to be more of a family than a business. I think this is the core of why our staff retention is so good and that people generally enjoy coming to work here on a daily basis.
Q: What 3 pieces of advice would you give to our clients regarding their event planning?
1. Don’t procrastinate! Often the things we are uncomfortable with we push back on our to- do-list from day to day until we find ourselves stressing. Utilise the resources available and consult with the people early who can help you to relieve this internal pressure.
2. Think about what is most important to you – unfortunately our directors don’t like to give us unlimited marketing budgets – so let’s make it work to ensure you get everything that is most important to you.
3. Don’t put too much on your booth – focus on the experience of your visitors so they remember you. A positive response to your stand design will leave a lasting impression on them and put a greater focus on your products and services.
Q: What has been your favourite display project you have worked on and why?
A: When you’ve been working here as long as I have this is a really hard question! I think the project I enjoyed most – due to the challenge and timeframe of it was a booth we did for IPN in 2016. I recall taking a brief for the project and, due to the tight timeframes of the project having to complete the CAD design, quote, artwork proofing, production, pre-build and to dispatch all within 5 business days! 

Q: In your opinion, what makes Skyline stand out from our competitors?
A: Without question, our dedication to our clients. Most of what happens in our industry is pulling strings behind the scenes. The coordination of shipping, rigging, flooring, furniture, A/V, power, airfares and contractors all takes a huge degree of skill due to the tight timeframes to execute a stand build. This is where you need the dedication of a partner who is willing to work around the clock to ensure your desired outcomes are met on the show floor. 
Q: And finally, what do you enjoy doing when you aren’t at work?
A: I’m massively competitive (and so is my wife) so my free time generally always involves me trying to win at something. My main passion is Soccer which I’ve played for 24 years consecutively but generally speaking I love most sports. I also enjoy multiplayer video games and once again “making stuff” or renovating the house.

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