Pop-up displays are easy on the eyes and easy to set up.  However, that success can be a hindrance if you want to look different from your neighbour who has the similar style display.  Here are 7 ways to make your pop-up stand out from other pop-ups:

Graphic Design

Originally, pop-up displays were little more than carpeted walls. Exhibitors usually had their company name on a graphic header across the top, and then put smaller, detachable graphics on the rest of the carpeted walls.  That usually led to a cluttered look more akin to a bulletin board.

Now, rather than carpet panels, you can have graphic panels.  Make it more inviting with a big, colourful image. Make your graphics simple and bold – more like a billboard.

Images and Messages Targeted To Your Buyers

You can always get attention with big pictures of babies and puppies, but it’s not the attention of the right people, unless perhaps you sell baby food and puppy food.  Instead, get intriguing photos or illustrations that appeal to your prospects.

Then be sure to concisely add words to your image that will appeal to your buyer’s hot points, be it products they are looking for or benefits you can deliver to them.

Integrated Marketing

Try to use the same messages and images that are used on your website, and in your ads and brochures.  Repeated marketing is more memorable, and people are more likely to buy from people they recognize.

Go for Quality

The cost of your pop-up and its mural graphic is a fraction of your overall exhibiting costs.  Be sure to put your best foot forward with artwork that will enlarge to 2.4 by 3 metres and still look sharp.  Select a graphics supplier who can line up artwork across multiple panels seamlessly. And get graphic panels built to be rolled up, shipped in a case in extreme cold and heat, set up at the show, again and again and again.


Think of your pop-up as the beginning, not the end of your exhibit architecture.  Some pop-up suppliers have backlit headers, attachable tables and counters, and other display components designed to attach to a pop-up and create a more unique architectural look.  (However, the more you add, the more you get away from the ease of set up and shipping you probably bought that pop-up for in the first place).

Booth Staffing and Promotions

More important than the pop-up display is the staff standing in front of it.  Get the right people, and train them to sell within the trade show environment, and let the other guy sit there and complain about slow traffic while you engage visitors and bring them into your pop-up booth.

You can also stand out from your pop-up neighbour before the show even starts by inviting prospects to your booth, and hosting a compelling promotion during the show.

Go Beyond Pop-Ups

Finally, if after all this you still aren’t satisfied, go ahead and graduate to the next level.  There are many modular exhibit systems that can give you an even more sophisticated look, yet are still more light weight than actually building a traditional custom exhibit for your 3 x 3 metre booth spaces. 

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