Article Written By Samantha Heyden.

When shopping for anything these days, we are inundated with information and options. It can be so difficult to know what solution is really best for you. Here is a list of criteria to help you shop for the right portable display solution for you.

How Portable is Portable?

This question is on par with how long is a piece of string.  If you’re exhibiting internationally the weight and dimensions of the overall packaged display is of high importance due to the cost of transporting your display. If you have a rough idea of what you are looking for regarding weight and case size and how this fits into your overall criteria, this will help narrow down which options are best for you.

How Easy is the System for Your Staff to Set-Up?

How easy a system is to set-up will depend on who in your organisation is doing the work. Set-Up time can be particularly important if you are going to events with short windows of time to set-up and pull down your booth. Always ask display suppliers the average time for set-up and dismantle and then ask the question again outlining the profile of your staff performing the work to ensure the solution is the right one for you and your team.

Ability to Easily Refresh your Imagery and Messaging?

In my experience, this criteria is important to 98% of all display users. The frequency of refreshing display graphics is the only thing that changes.

Always ask how easy and cost effective it is to update your display graphic collateral. If it is something that you will be doing frequently, let the display provider know and look for options they recommend to maximise your flexibility and minimise your budgets.

Quality of the graphics is also important. You want to know if the graphics are going to look good with continuous use event after event.

Established Supplier?

You can buy so many things online from China at a great price. This is fantastic if your number one and only criteria is price. If you’re looking for a portable display solution that will last, consider whether purchasing online is the best move.  Buying online reduces the likelihood of receiving ongoing support from the supplier for services like spare parts and replacement graphics when you want to rebrand or refresh you’re messaging. Also consider, if something goes wrong such as the quality or colours of your graphics, how easy and cost effective will it be for you to fix the problem.

When shopping online or anywhere else, look for companies that provide photographic examples of display project they have completed not just drawings. Also look for suppliers who provide customer feedback and testimonials as these can point you in the direction of the right supplier offering the level of service you are looking for.

When options and accessories are good and bad?

There are many portable display solutions that offer varied accessory options all integrated onto the display solution. This is great right?

Keep in mind that, the more you add to a portable display the heavier it becomes and the longer it takes for your team to build. If you need all of those accessories and options and you can justify the extra weight and time, this could be best solution however if you don’t…..

Look for Portable Display Solutions where you can add the accessories you need and take them away when you don’t. Look for display suppliers that want to tailor a solution to meet your needs and requirements rather than just sell you stuff.

Will the solution suit my needs now and in the future?

Any display solution provider who takes the time to discover what you are doing now and what you plan for in the future will want to tailor a solution to meet your unique needs and requirements now and in the future.

If they don’t ask, provide them with this information and ask them to recommend a solution that meets a list of your requirements. Assess the recommendations for best fit to help you source the solution that will be a great investment to help you stand out in the crowd at your next event and well into the future.

Your display stand is your “Head Office” to the attendees visiting the events you attend, so make sure your chosen display solution presents your organisation in the way you want to be perceived by your target audience.

About the Author: Samantha Heyden is the Manager for Marketing, Innovation & Process at Skyline Displays Australia and has worked with Skyline since 2002. She has been responsible for developing the marketing strategies, branding and event programs for Skyline throughout Australia. Working alongside the Skyline Displays Australia Project Management Team she has also been actively involved with assisting clients in meeting their event marketing objectives and return-on-investment with their Australian trade show displays. Sam believes that Trade Shows work and is passionate about working with clients to maximise their outcomes at every event they attend.

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