Article written by Mike Timmesch from Skyline Exhibits Inc.

3 Things

It would be very easy to think that by designing and building a beautiful trade show display that many, many visitors will willingly come into your booth space.


For many years, that had been the case. But today, trade show attendees have become more skeptical and reluctant to leave the aisle and enter into booth spaces.


The problem is not that visitors are reluctant to attend an event – trade show attendance is actually increasing. The problem is that buyers at shows have become more skeptical because they have gained control of the buying process, thanks to the wealth of information available about products and companies on the Internet.


So while they still go to trade shows to shop for new products, it takes more to get their attention and get them to buy from you.


Here are three things that will persuade more trade show attendees to become your trade show booth visitors – and all three can be achieved with promotions:


1.    An exchange of value

Attendees will venture into a booth if they feel they will get enough value in return for their time. After all, attendees are spending anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $2,000 to travel and attend their industry show. Value to the attendee may be in the form of a free sample, a discount or show special, food or drink, a useful, fun or exciting giveaway that has a high perceived value or a chance to win something even more valuable, or #2, an experience or #3, learning.


2.    An experience

You can engage the eye and make a memorable impression on visitors with a well-choreographed demonstration of your products that proves what makes them superior to alternatives. Other valued experiences include entertainment that they can’t see anywhere else, an activity that appeals to their senses, a chance to see or even meet a celebrity, and a personalized interaction that shows they are valued.


3.    Learning

Attendees come to trade shows to find out what new products are available and to find companies and product that can solve their problems. So help them learn what you offer that is new, how you are on top of the trends of your industry, how they can be better at their jobs, and how your company can solve their specific needs.


Promotions are no longer a luxury; they are a necessity for maximizing your trade show potential. Get creative about how you can provide value, experience, and learning in your exhibit to get more of the right people into your booth.

Have you got a good strategy to get the right people to your trade show booth? Please share your comments and stories below.

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