Top 8 Benefits of Using Social Media

In this day and age, social media plays a crucial role in developing trust and credibility for businesses. See our Infographic that was developed to highlight the top eight benefits of using social media for businesses!

  1. Establishing Trust – Companies can establish trust with their clients by posting regularly on social media
  2. Build Credibility – By being consistent over multiple Social Media Channels you build credibility.
  3. Enhance Brand Image – Being active  and interactive on Social Media you can enhance your brand image by creating a way to connect with your customers.
  4. Increase Brand Recognition – Consumers are happy to ‘pay it forward’ on social media if they are happy with your service and product quality.
  5. Brand Equity – Increase your brand equity by creating a following on social media and use this in your strategic planning.
  6. Grow A Long Term Audience –  Have a following that has continuous growth.
  7. Develop A Voice – Social Media channels can quite often be used as the ‘voice of the company’ this can make consumers feel as if the company is more trustworthy, down to earth and friendly.
  8. Influences Purchase Decision – Many Consumers have admitted that they are more likely to purchase a brand they follow online


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Source: Lyfe Marketing (2017)

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