Over 400 exhibitors shared their best exhibiting secrets in the white paper “What’s Working in Exhibiting Benchmarks & Best Practices.”

This new 44-page report includes:

  • How exhibitors have improved their results, stretched their budgets, and reduced risk during the past 2 years
  • Recommendations for improving pre-show marketing, show selection, lead management, post-show evaluations, and booth staffer selection
  • Graphs of survey stats that reveal what were the key drivers of success in 10 trade show topics, including measuring results, exhibit design, promotions, technology and social media
  • 220 verbatim tips from exhibitors who shared what they did to succeed in various trade show activities
  • Ten key ways companies can get the most out of their trade show program

The What’s Working in Exhibiting white paper may be the single best resource for creating a more successful trade show marketing program. Request your free hard copy.

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