Skyline & The Environment

With a Skyline exhibition stand, you can be assured of superior quality and a responsibly manufactured product that provides an economical and environmentally sound solution for your exhibiting needs.

Skyline contributes to environmental sustainability when it comes to exhibiting in three key ways:

  1. Providing lighter-weight modular exhibits that have a smaller environmental impact than traditional custom-built exhibition stands.
  2. Minimising the impact on the environment through Skyline’s responsible manufacturing policy.
  3. Providing long-life and adaptable display solutions that are designed to be reused.

Skyline designs and develops exhibition stands that don’t create unnecessary waste in terms of money or materials. We do this by incredible engineering, efficient construction and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Typically a Skyline exhibition stand uses one-third of the materials of a traditional custom-

Skyline Environmentbuilt exhibition display but can be reused and reconfigured to different sizes, allowing total flexibility for an environmentally friendly life of exhibiting.

Long lifespan, innovative thoughtful design, quality manufacturing and low shipping costs ensure that Skyline systems don’t cause unnecessary waste.

All Skyline Display solutions are easily “reskinned” so you can update your branding without purchasing new hardware – again reducing unnecessary waste.

We believe passionately that there are better ways to contribute to sustainability, which is why our portable and custom modular exhibition stands are engineered from the start to be used again and again.

Want to learn more about how Skyline’s products are built to last & help the environment? Get in touch.