Show Services

With our experts looking after you and your display at your show, you can focus on your event key objectives.

Display Set-Up & Dismantle at Your Shows

Whether you have a 3-metre portable pop-up display or a large custom modular display system, our team can set up your display booth for your show or we can supervise show labour to make sure it’s done right.

QSuper Install & Dismantle

Our Service technicians are experts at working with show labour, show management and your marketing team.

With our experts setting up and pulling down your display, you can focus on what you do best at your events; generating leads, making sales, educating and informing your audience and your other key objectives.

With Skyline’s strategically placed service and rental depots and our worldwide dealer network, we are sure to have service support wherever you exhibit locally, nationally or internationally.

When Skyline installs and dismantle your display system, it will be set up correctly and on time and then pulled down and repacked with care.

 More At-Show Services Show Services - I &D

  Some of the many At-Show Services we can supply include:

 –  Audiovisual equipment hire  
 – Exhibition furniture hire
 – Exhibition flooring hire
 – Display booth accessories purchase or hire – literature racks, shelving and more!

 If you need something special or need us to help you with something a little out of the
 ordinary, we’d be delighted to call on our network of partners and suppliers to get you exactly   what you want.  Get in touch today with the team at Skyline for more information.