Skyline has been privileged to partner with Teris Group for the past two years to provide portable display solutions for a number of their clients. These portable display kits have been used in shopping centres nation-wide as a kiosk style solution to promote big name clients such as Origin Energy and Marley Spoon.

Skyline spoke with Brendan Hill, Business Development Manager at Teris Group about their event objectives and experience using Skyline.

1.     What type of events do you work with your clients on and how many does Teris Group manage?

Teris Group is a kiosk specialist nationally within Australia, working with a range of commercial clients on their customer acquisition and branding goals.  From energy retailers to fresh food home delivery providers, Teris Group is constantly growing its capacity and offering to commercial clients.

We are currently active in over 15 shopping centres each week and have plans to grow that number to 25+ within the next 6 months through new client and current client expansion goals.

2.     What are your objectives at these activations?

Our goal, first and foremost, is customer acquisition for our clients.  We are currently the leading provider in the acquisition of quality and long-term customers for Origin Energy, amongst others, through the retail kiosk environment. Our secondary goals are increasing branding exposure and local touch presence for our clients.

3.     Why did you choose Skyline as your partner?

Skyline Displays is our preferred partner for all our kiosk and event displays.  We find Dave and the team at Skyline to be the most engaging and responsive display company in the industry. This was apparent from our first dealings with them and is still the same to this day.  They provide outstanding service consistently and are always looking at ways to help drive mutually advantageous business.

4.     What are three main benefits you’ve experienced as a result of working with Skyline?

1. One stop shop solution provider for our kiosk builds nationally.

2. Quick response and comprehensive information on any proposals we have, including costings for our client’s forecasts.

3. Skyline’s knowledge and expertise in providing industry leading concepts for our activations.

5.     What is your favourite memory of your time working with Skyline?

When Dave was able to turn around a build for Origin Energy extremely last minute, totally blowing away our expectations and ensuring we met a super tight deadline.

They did this as a gesture of good will and it was appreciated by all stakeholders.  This shows their belief in long term partnerships which is something we find ourselves completely aligned with.

6.     Why would you recommend Skyline to other companies?

Skyline is consistent, creative and always has a partnership approach to our industry and clients.  There is no way a competitor could rival what Skyline provides us ongoing.

To find out more about the services that Teris Group offer click here.

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