Teach your booth staff to avoid these common mistakes that occur at every trade show! Simple changes can make your booth go from unapproachable to interactive! Follow our infographic below for more information.

Sleeping at Your Booth

Sounds silly right? It happens more than you would think! Trade shows can be long and booth staff can quite often feel tired nearing the end of the day, especially if they have travelled to be a part of the show.

To Avoid this happening, ensure that there is enough staff to rotate so everyone can have ample breaks to fight off fatigue. If you’re traveling consider arriving a day or two before the event to fight off travel related exhaustion.

Eating at Your Booth

As much as you want to eat that candy, or the lunch you have stashed away, eating at your booth can make you look dis-interested, unapproachable and unengaged. Attendee’s aim is to know what your company has to offer, not what you’re eating for lunch.

To avoid this happening have a roster for lunch breaks for all staff working the event to ensure that everyone can have time to eat their food uninterrupted, and the booth is always staffed.

Not Following the Dress Code

When someone doesn’t follow the dress code, that staff member stands out – and not for the good reasons!

To avoid this happening plan and organise what your team is going to wear in advanced.   This could be as simple as your uniform, or matching colours.  You want to keep your team looking professional however that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your trade show  clothes (Just make sure it fits your brand).

Not Taking Notes

Every trade Show is different, by recording notes about what works, what doesn’t, mistakes and things you can improve on can make a huge difference.  When you have this information you can revise your event strategies and progress.  Taking notes can also give you leverage with potential leads when following up.  Make sure you take note of any relevant information that can assist the team who will be following up on the leads.

Being “Too Sales”

Don’t just pitch your sales at attendees; being over the top could do more harm than good.  Put your spiel down and ask open ended questions and engage with the attendee. By doing this you find out information that can help you turn the attendee into a lead. This could be as simple as – ‘what made you come to the show?’  ‘Where do you work?’ ‘How can we work together?’

Being on your Phone

When booth staff is on their phones, they become unapproachable and attendees are less likely to enter your booth. When you’re working at a trade show, you should be engaging the attendee’s. Instead of looking down at your phone, look the attendee’s in the eye, smile and invite them into your booth.

Mess and Clutter

Nobody likes mess, especially prospective leads.  Keep your space tidy and uncluttered to look more welcoming and less dirty.

Social Media Presence 

Your customers and competitors are all over social media, so make sure you are too!
Promote that you will be attending the event! Send an email to your clients inviting them to attend – even set up meetings with them at the show! Post teasers of your display on Instagram and Facebook and even Tweet live pictures or videos of the event. This will increase your booth traffic and leads.

Learn more trade show tips by following this link.

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