In wake of the COVID-19 virus and the uncertainty, it presents across all industries with the restriction on any public gathering of over 500 people, many trade show and event professionals are wondering how to approach their event schedule for the year ahead.

Rather than looking at what has been cancelled or postponed, Skyline suggests looking at the opportunities that have now presented themselves.


Be Prepared:

  • With many events being postponed to the second half of the year, now is a great opportunity to be proactive and ensure everything that has been rescheduled has been planned, processed and is ready to go.
  • Ensure that you have plans in place if you have any over-lapping events due to postponed events.

Refresh Your Old Items:

  • Give your old displays a new lead on life by updating graphics with new branding or messaging
  • Reskin your display and be ready for any opportunities that may arise! You’re better using that portable display than it collecting dust in storage!

Think Smaller Events:

  • You can maintain the communication with your clients and prospects by hosting private/internal events or attending roadshows (These are usually under 100 people!)
  • Consider booking smaller events (less than 500 people) that you might not have typically attended in the past but are still a few months out.

Revamp Your Office:

  • Impress your visitors on-site and boost company moral by revamping your reception area, meeting room or showroom. This can be done with new wall or glass graphics, lightboxes or other fixtures!

Remember, Skyline is here for you!


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