Written by Briquelle Neyens


When designing an exhibit, there are many possibilities and directions to take. A nicely designed exhibit should spark interest in attendees, but a well-thought-out exhibit will keep that attention. It’s extremely important that your design incites interest from the right attendees! Producing great results comes with capturing your audience’s attention and then resonating with them.

Here are a few tips on how to keep that attention once it’s captured at your next trade show:


Make Your Presentations Relatable In Your Exhibit

When presenting products, it can be easy to primarily share technical statistics that don’t necessarily resonate with prospects. Rather than only sharing statistics that are straight to-the-point, find a way to share this information in a more relatable format. For example, you can use testimonials that incorporate statistics to establish credibility.

While your exhibit may look flashy and new, if you don’t hold your audience’s attention by creating a common ground that they can relate to, they may not stay long. Keep their attention by using your qualifications to demonstrate why you are the best solution for them! Share specific instances where you helped a client by having the solution to their problem – this works best when the problem is a common one that many others face in your industry as well. This way, when you’re sharing a product demonstration in your booth, attendees will not only see your product in action firsthand, but they will simultaneously be thinking about how it can work for them.


Make It Hard For Attendees To Leave Your Exhibit

We’re not saying you should be forceful with keeping attendees in your booth, making it hard for them to get away from a conversation – in fact we recommend avoiding being forceful at all costs! However, if you offer a great experience in your exhibit, it will make attendees want to stay longer, learn more, chat more, and be more willing to give you their contact information.

Creating a compelling experience that resonates with your ideal clients is key to having a successful show. A memorable experience can be created when an attendee is able to immerse themself in your product or service. Create in-booth demonstrations, contests with prizes, games, interactive learning activities, bring in celebrity guests, and do product launches!


Give Them a Reason To Want To Give You Their Information

Anyone can have an appealing booth that looks amazing and draws attention, but one of the most important steps at a trade show or event is establishing credibility so that you are laying the foundation of creating a relationship with your prospects.

Relationships are at the core of trade shows – meeting in person is crucial to building on those relationships so that you can turn your prospects into buyers. You can also create urgency for people to want to make a purchase right in your booth by offering an at-show sale. If you use the first tip to connect with your audience and show them why you’re the perfect fit, it will be hard for them to say no!

You can also make special offers by asking for information, and then promising a follow-up email with promo codes or other special deals. This entices prospects to share their information with you, allowing you to stay in touch with them to keep the conversation going well after the show is complete.

Following these tips will have you on track to keep the attention of attendees in your exhibit. Relatable and compelling content, experiences that stand out, and incentives for capturing contact information will all lead you to a better ROI and ultimately a more successful trade show! Getting prospects in the door is the first step, and can be done with an eye-catching booth, but keeping them is just as important. Reach out to us if you need any guidance on how you can better resonate with your prospects at your next trade show!

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