Looking for something different to stand out in the crowd in the 2014 show season? Think PictureScape®.

PictureScape® allows for angled frame sections so you can create a look that complements your graphics and supports your brand.

With PictureScape® you can create nearly any angular shape imaginable.

Custom Frame Design

portable angular display  picturescape

PictureScape®’s versatility allows you to create a custom-shaped display with nearly limitless angles. Design a shape that mirrors your logo or graphics, or choose from several standard shapes. PictureScape® is lightweight, packs small and easily installs with a simple Allen key.

More Than Ever, Your Exhibit Is Your Brand!

portable display fabric picturescape 

Beyond your graphics, your exhibit architecture can now be a big part of your brand presentation – even in 3×3 and 6×3 metre spaces. Make a statement with bold shapes that make an impression and say more about your brand.

Creative Hanging Signs

hanging display sign picturescape

Be seen from afar! PictureScape® hanging signs can be a perfect complement to any island exhibit.

Maximum Graphic Impact

seamless back wall display

Capture attention with graphics and shape. PictureScape®’s design allows your message to stand out. PictureScape® features large seamless fabric panels with the option of single or double-sided graphics.

Overlapping Layers Create a Dynamic Brand Presentation

portable display design picturescape

With PictureScape®’s slim profile, you can create interest using depth and lighting in conjunction with your graphics and still have ample room for booth staff interaction, products and functional workstations.

To find out more on PictureScape® or how Skyline can help you stand out in the crowd or to schedule a showroom appointment to see these new display solutions for yourself contact the Skyline Sales & Marketing team on 1800 077 419 or email us.

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