Survey results outlined in the the What’s Working in Exhibiting report demonstrate how other event marketers and exhibitors have successfully justified their event marketing programs.

Collecting leads, building stronger relationships at companies and raising awareness has helped the most exhibitors justify their event marketing plans, according to the survey respondents.

The multi-year comparison below shows dramatic changes in the amount and type of data between the years 2009 and 2014.

Justify Your Event Marketing

More about What’s Working in Exhibiting

Skyline Exhibits and Access Intelligence Research & Consulting have worked together to develop this exclusive report on what is working best in event and exhibit marketing. What’s Working in Exhibiting digs into core themes endemic to event and exhibit marketing to find the latest strategies and most effective approaches. This report provides an inside look at the current practices of successful exhibitors.

The data and comments featured in the report have been culled from a proprietary survey of event marketers and exhibitors. Over 400 event marketers and exhibitors responded to the survey. A similar study was conducted in 2009, and in key areas of the report data comparisons are provided.

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