Are you evaluating your show schedule for next year?  There are many strategies for doing this.

Perhaps the least complicated is simply picking up the phone and calling your top 10 clients and asking which show they will attend.

Other strategies:

Ask Key Stakeholders:

Involve key stakeholders such as marketing, management and sales in the decision.  The information and feedback you get will be invaluable in not only selecting the show, but also in developing your show sales process.  It will also guarantee that everyone is on the same page.

Show Ranking:

If 80 percent of those attending a particular show don’t match your target audience, give it a “B” status and go to “A” shows first.  Never attend a show that has less than 20 percent of your target audience unless you are attending a vertical market.

When deciding between an industry and a vertical show keep these four thoughts in mind:

  • Vertical shows: while smaller, are purer in target audience.  Providing more return for the dollar.
  • Are you satisfying one marketing effort or several?
  • Will you competitors be there?
  • What markets do you already own versus those you do not own?

Your long-term goal should be a balance of general, national and vertical shows.

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