The 3 Keys to Pre-show Promotion

Less than 20% of exhibitors actually conduct some form of Pre-Show Promotion. CEIR reports that 75% of show attendees come to an exhibition with an agenda.

 If you want them to schedule time to visit you, you need to get on their “must see list.” An effective pre-show promotion program has three elements to help you do this: The List, The Content and The Offer.

The List is almost always the most important and time-consuming activity of the three. You first need to define your targeted audience, then locate them for some type of communication. You have several options: (1) show management: last year’s registration list (be careful with high turnover industries — they may have come last year, but are they still in place this year?) Show Management may offer a pre-registration list that is categorized into industry segments and demographic description. (2) You can buy or rent a list from a professional list management company. Or (3) You can create our own from your database or field sales input.

 The Content is what you will have in your exhibition stand that is of interest to your targeted audience: Your new product. Your demonstrations that provide hands-on interaction. What have you brought to the show that will interest your audience?

 The Offer – what benefit are you offering that will change your prospect’s or customer’s life. What solutions are you providing? What will attract them to come to your exhibit? Greater profitability? Improved Efficiency? Or the opportunity to win a Blackberry?

Don’t be left wondering why no one is visiting your exhibition stand and your neighbor’s exhibit space is full – conduct a pre-show promotion program that communicates who you are, what you do and what is your offer before they arrive at the show.

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